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YOUR Wedding Dress, YOUR Way…

A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of a bride

How often do you try a dress on and wish it had sleeves, or it would just be perfect if only the neckline was different? What if I told you that you could personalise ANY bridal dress from our collection!

We are seeing an increasing number of brides wanting to change, customise and personalise details on their dress and we are all for it. Whether it’s to make a wedding dress modest or you want to just add your touch to it, anything is possible.

The most common personalisation requests we get are:-

Adding Sleeves
Changing Necklines
Raising/lowering the back


We have definitely noticed the ongoing trend of sleeved bridal gowns. Once upon a time the only options for a bride wanting sleeves were a standard satin or lace bolero. But let’s be honest, the bolero days are long gone, at least for our brides!

Over the last few years we have worked together with a dress alteration specialist to find a way to add sleeves on to a gown in a seamless way. You want your guests to ponder on how the dress ever came without sleeves?!

See this amazing transformation on one of our bride’s gowns:-
This is one of the many, many ways you can add sleeves on to your dress. You want long sleeves? No problem. You want short puffy sleeves? No problem. It really is that simple.

Our amazing designers are also now offering personalisation options on most of their gowns. Our stylists will advise you of the different options on the gowns.

Here are a couple of examples of the many bridal gowns you can customise:-

Dress: Pronovias Bohol

2. Changing Necklines

One of the trends for 2021/22 gowns were plunging necklines, which is definitely not to everyone’s taste. Our designers offer alternate necklines on most of the gowns. Here are a couple of examples below:-

Dress: Pronovias Brown
If the designers don’t offer this as an option then the tailor can change the neckline to whatever you wish. Your bridal stylist will talk you through your options and try to and show you how it would look.

Here’s an example below:

3. Back Alterations

The back of the dress is equally as important as the front. The personalisation’s that can be made on most gowns are:
Adding buttons all the way down
Adding a longer/shorter train
Lowering/raising back neckline
Below are a few of examples of changes that can be made to the back:

Dress: Pronovias Geyser
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