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How to find the right Wedding Dress for you!

Saying YES to the perfect wedding dress is undoubtedly the best task of your planning! But how to find THE ONE? We understand – there are a plethora of bridal gown options that are enough to confuse or divert you from what you initially thought you liked.
However, with the right guidance and essential tips, you will find that this part of the journey will be the most exciting, most iconic and enjoyable! Have a look:

Tip 1. Shape your vision into a well-defined style and theme

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe – Heidi Waterhouse

It is always handy to know your likes and dislikes. During your research, you will start to notice a pattern of what you fancy or what isn’t really your cup of tea. This way, you will narrow down some choices. You may not be fond of satin and prefer lace, or maybe you prefer wedding dresses that have sleeves – everyone has their preferences and that is always welcomed! If we all wanted the same thing, styles wouldn’t exist and everything would be monotonous. In addition, it might be handy if you know your theme. Start by analysing the location and season, and then notice how you envision the aesthetic. Is it romantic? Luxurious yet chic? Glamorous and elegant? Maybe fashionable and sophisticated? It’s all there in your head, you just need to translate it through your own styling expression.

Tip 2. Embrace the beauty of your size and decode the bridal gown language

It’s not about the size you wear, but the way you wear your size.” – Tonina

As a crucial tip, we will always suggest measuring true to size. We know, many brides want to be absolutely perfect but they already are! You might want to alter a pound or two, but that doesn’t matter. Regardless of whether you wish to adjust your weight afterwards, it would be a lot easier to do modifications if you shop true to size.
When it comes to bridal wear and silhouettes, you will discover that there is a whole palette of terms that you may or may not know. Yes, like a secret language! But think nothing of that. As a bridal store that is experienced and dedicated, we will help you decode everything, thoroughly explaining everything you need to know – including what suits your body best. It never hurts to be prepared so here is some info on wedding dress silhouettes:
A-line – perfect for the bride who wants to accentuate her waist;
Mermaid – figure-hugging and form-flattering, accents the hips and waist;
Column – highlights sleek figures and shows them off in a subtle way;
Ball Gown – accents the waist with a fuller skirt.

Tip 3. Say YES but to the right bridal store

“Life is defined by the choices you make, so make the right ones!”

We are just an appointment away! As a store that has experience of over 30 years, we dedicate our time to understanding brides and helping them choose the ideal fit tailored to their preferences and wishes. Your dream is our dream!

Tip 4. May your mind be open and sharp as your en vogue sense of style!

“You have to keep your mind as wide-open as your eyes because almost nothing is what it seems.”

When entering our bridal shop, we always recommend keeping an open mind! Most commonly, what you think is unflattering for your figure may prove to be the best choice you have ever made. Trust our guidance and suggestions – often your idea of a perfect fit may turn out to be different from what you expected. We will lead you to your dream design that will make you go WOW once you try it!

Tip 5. Follow YOUR instinct not others wishes

“A woman knows by intuition and instinct what is best for herself” – Marilyn Monroe

Does a certain bridal gown feel right for you? Then make a decision and don’t allow yourself to be averted and confused by second opinions. This is your wedding and your wedding alone. Letting others meddle too much will only leave you with question marks around your head.

That wraps it up! In our bridal shop, we have a abundance of options that would definitely complete the aesthetic of your iconic fairytale wedding. We wholeheartedly welcome you to visit and see for yourself! Book an appointment online on our website to come and try on specially curated wedding dresses – your fairytale starts at BRIDHA.

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